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So, our little boy was, from birth, very unsettled and unhappy. He would often display symptoms of reflux (but not always consistently with feeds or overeating) we had tried homeopathic salts, all kinds of positioning and I would sleep with him upright on my chest. We would forever be dancing with him and jiggling him to try to settle him, to no avail. Before considering medications I met with Manon.

Since my meeting with Manon and having an education session on Aware Parenting we have been creating a space for our little boy to cry and emotionally release. Since then he has been so much more relaxed and happy. He sleeps more soundly, spits up less. The tension he held in his body has almost completely disappeared. We, as parents, are much more relaxed knowing that it is ok for him to cry (something we always felt bad about with our first child).

Our little boy is almost 9 weeks now and wakes up every morning with a smile on his face. And gives regular giggles throughout the day.

My session with Manon was a life-changer, and I would recommend anyone with an unsettled infant (or unhappy toddler) to speak with her!! I can't thank you enough for this valuable information Manon!

Keshia Gold Coast, Australia

Talking to Manon provided so much clarity for my husband and I about our son's sleep patterns.

Her fresh set of eyes (and ears!) gave so much insight into what we could try that may support change. I was so excited after the consult with Manon to try our plan. The next evening we took the first step toward trusting our 2 year old in the bedroom... Within 5 minutes he decided he was ready and turned off the light himself.
That night the whole bedtime routine from bath to sleep took 45 minutes, instead of 90 minutes. He also only woke up twice (instead of 4-6 times).

We were delighted. Things keep improving since then and are so much easier now!

I am so grateful for Manon's wisdom.

Sammy Canungra, QLD Asutralia

Parenting is so hard, but with the right tools, it can also be so easy! As our children grow and learn new things, we should continue to learn and grow along side them. Manon is a wonderful teacher, with many tools for parenting, this is definitely an area that you can see she is passionate about and very knowledgeable💕

With Manon's guidance, my relationship with my son (2years 9months) has grown stronger and I feel a deeper connection/understanding of him. I no longer get irritated/frustrated when he is whining, I am more present with him when he cries or having an emotional release (I hate using the word 'tantrum'). I've noticed that they are now over quicker and happen a lot less.

It encourages me more to know that the foundations I am creating with him now, using Manons techniques, will help him through his teenage years but more importantly his adulthood.💕

Miisha NSW, Australia

I just wanted to share my experience as a Dad, having recently accompanied my wife to a 1-on-1 consult with Manon. I struggled with clashing with my almost 3yrr old son when I would come home from work in the evenings around bath, dinner and bed times.

Manon was able to impart knowledge and strategies that helped me to better understand where my son was coming from and connect with him on a deeper level. This has not only made the nightly transition and routine smoother, but has also strengthened the bond and relationship I have with my son.

I would recommend all dads take every opportunity to learn and find ways to be more open to their children as the emotional individuals they are, thus stepping outside the hunter-gatherer (fix-it) role we play, sometimes too well.

Manon is a great place to start as she is not only a brilliant wealth of knowledge in this area but also a great support.

Ben NSW, Australia

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