Playful Parenting


Co-operative Kids

Are you willing to stop using punishments, but you’re not sure how else to relate to your kids?

Are your kids not listening and it’s making you feel mad?

Are you craving some ease in your every day relationship with your kids?

Do you wish you knew how to have fun with your children but you’re not sure how to play?

You’re not alone.

This is how most “conscious parents” feel.

We want to raise our kids with respect and kindness but we’re not sure how to do this, because we haven’t experienced it ourselves as children… and because the mainstream advice is to use punishment to get kids to obey.

There is an alternative to punishments: an alternative that feels good to both you and your child: play!

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you do. Your workshop helped my husband and I clear blockages and triggers that had built up and recalibrate our focus to what our parenting and family values are. We are all so connected since the workshop and instead of our usual ‘no daddy only mummy’ moments, daddy has been requested many times. Our daughter usually doesn’t like cuddles and physical touch but all of a sudden she is affectionate. We are having so much fun and still managing to get more done in a day.
Thank you, thank you.”



Play is the children’s language.

When we talk their language and connect with them through play, magic happens…

Using Attachment Play with our children has so many benefits!

✅ it strengthens our bond/attachment with them,
✅ it elicits cooperation in our children: they’re much more likely to listen to us,
✅ it helps them release uncomfortable feelings and feel calmer,
✅ it can prevent them from behaving unpleasantly (hitting, pushing limits, swearing, etc.),
✅ it can help them heal from traumatic or stressful events.

“Manon’s workshop really helped me understand my toddler and the way that he thinks and understands the world. I feel so much more at ease in my day to day parenting now! Thank you Manon for giving me the confidence to parent again!!!”



I’ve created this workshop to give you respectful and effective tools and to help you reconnect with this younger part of yourself that knew how to play, not that long ago…

In this workshop, I’ll help you with:

✅ reading and handling your child’s behaviour with awareness
✅ playful and respectful tools to prevent unpleasant behaviour
✅ playful and respectful tools to have your kids listen and cooperate
✅ learning games that strengthen your bond with your child
✅ helping your child heal from stressful or traumatic events

“Manon, your workshop has been life changing for us. We truly value the games you’ve taught us. I’ve adapted some of them and even created a few to suit our needs! I’m so grateful for your workshop. You’ve really shown me how to be more fun with my girls and I’ve seen such a shift in Ann’s general behaviour!! She has been so much happier and she’s now (mainly) co-operative. She’s behaving better with her sister too now. Also, I’m so much calmer. If she starts throwing a tantrum I approach it differently now and it’s better. Ann is thriving. Our parenting is better. Life is more fun. Thank you.

I can only recommend Manon’s workshop: engaging, fun, informative, it has helped me so much with my daughters! Our home is now so much more fun, light and uplifting, with lightheartedness replacing frustration and defeat. Thank you so, so much Manon!”



You’ll receive:

Individualised help
Each workshop I offer is UNIQUE: I want you to have the answers to YOUR questions, so when you register to my workshop, you’ll receive an email asking you about what you’re the most struggling with and would like solutions for.

✅ Handouts
After the workshop, you’ll be emailed a summary of the important points and games we’ve covered during our time together so you can review them anytime.

Ongoing support
You’ll be added to the FB support group dedicated to all the parents who have done my online course or workshop so you can receive on-going support.

I attended Manon’s workshop in Brisbane with 18 other ladies from my Mum’s Group. From the get go Manon was warm and welcoming. She ran the workshop in a fun, interactive and easy to follow way. I left the workshop armed with a new found love for play and couldn’t wait to try some of the games with my 2½ yo.

Instantly I saw a change in her behaviour thanks to Manon’s tips and game ideas. I now feel confident that I can help my daughter grow in a fun and peaceful environment and be the Mum I’ve always wanted to! She has literally changed my outlook on parenting a 2 year old!! I highly recommend Manon’s workshop to any parent!!

Thanks again Manon. I have already tried a few games with my daughter and despite her not napping today we have had a wonderful afternoon where it would usually be a lot of tears and anger (from both of us!).



This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to raise your kids with awareness and kindness
  • you don’t want to use any tricks or punishments that could hurt your child and your relationship with him/her
  • you think you’re not playful and you don’t know how to have fun with your kids
  • you’d like respectful solutions to daily struggles such as getting dressed and out of the house in time, brushing teeth, aggressive behaviour, tantrums, bedtime agitation, etc.
  • you’re open to new perspectives and suggestions

You’ll come out of my workshop feeling confident as a parent, playful and looking forward to trying all those games with your kids!

I’d absolutely recommend the workshop. Manon is a beautiful soul made for this work. Her passion shines through the content and her energy! I found the workshop so helpful, insightful and grateful to be able to connect with my little boy through his world… by play. I left completely centred, calm and was reminded I have everything I need within to consciously parent and play.


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