It is essential for our kids to have a safe outlet for their frustration/anger.

Anger is a natural and healthy response when their needs are not met or when something doesn’t feel right to them.

If our kids don’t have any safe outlet to express their anger, they will “keep it in”.
With time, the angry feelings will accumulate in their body, so much that they’ll become aggressive towards their friends or us.

The solution is for us to realise that it’s NORMAL and HEALTHY for them to feel angry now and then, and to offer them a safe way to “let it out” so they don’t hurt anyone.

Of course we don’t ever want to let our kids hurt us. This is not the point. But we can:

  • acknowledge them: “you feel angry right now”
  • always stop them from hitting anyone (including ourselves)
  • offer them the opportunity to express this anger in a NON-HURTFUL way, by pushing on our hands or growling like a lion, etc.

When our child knows that it’s safe to express his anger with us, he doesn’t hold onto any anger, so he’s generally more relaxed and peaceful.

Does that make sense to you, lovely Mamas and Papas?
Do you have any questions?

With Love ?