The Not-So-Terrible-Twos Program

(for parents of children aged 1-3yo)

Creating a relationship with our children
based on connection, respect and trust.

I had been warned about the “terrible twos” when my daughter was little…
It sounded very scary!

Yet, when my daughter turned 3 and this so-called period of the “Terrible Twos” was finished, I looked back realising that there was really nothing terrible about this year with her!
Quite the opposite, it was wonderful to watch her grow out of babyhood and become a little child.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why most parents find this year challenging!
- the regular tantrums,
- the broken record “no” in your child’s mouth,
- the boundary testing,
- the “me do it!” while needing help with pretty much everything,
- the running away,
- the “mine!” with every single toy,
- the climbing on everything and touching everything,
- the toilet accidents,
- the resistance to go in the carseat,
- the sleep issues and bedtime struggles, etc
can all be nerve-wracking.

But I believe that this period of our child’s life is only nerve-wracking if we don’t have the right information and the right support.

Thanks to AWARE PARENTING and my knowledge of child development, I could understand what was going on in my child’s mind 99% of the time and support her in a way that felt truly good to both of us.

Thanks to SOMATIC EXPERIENCING (stress management and trauma healing), I was able to remain calm and grounded (most of the time!) and to help my daughter (and myself) with her strong emotions.

Thanks to my understanding of the ATTACHMENT dynamics, I was able to build a strong, reciprocal and ever-lasting bond between her and I, which made parenting her quite easy.

Yes I’ve said “easy”!
I deeply believe that parenting can be easy.
At least easier than it feels for most of us parents right now.

I want parenting to feel easy to you too!

My intention for you through this program is:
  to make parenting easier, more fun and more enjoyable for you too
  to help you feel really good about yourself as a parent
  to help you feel more confident and in control of your responses
  for you to feel deeply connected to your child
  for your child to feel safe and willing to cooperate with you

In this 7-week online program, together we’ll work on:

- understanding how attachment works
- understanding what a child needs to feel secure, have a high self-esteem and be emotionally resilient
- building a strong and reciprocal bond with our child
- repairing the relationship with your children when it got damaged

- stepping out of the punishment dynamics
- deeply understanding our child’s behaviour
- reading her cues appropriately
- setting boundaries in an efficient yet respectful way
- meeting your children's needs AND your needs


- building a connection-based relationship with our child
- learning fun games that elicit cooperation and provide healing from past stressful events
- handling unpleasant behaviour and tantrums in a nurturing and connecting way

- understanding why we get triggered
- becoming aware of our reactions
- transforming our responses
- managing our stress levels during the day
- simple but efficient tools to stay calm around our children

What you’ll receive during those 7 weeks:
 4-5 videos each week (and written summaries)
 1 x Skype session with me (45min long)
 a supportive group where I’ll answer all questions
 2 x group FB Lives

This is an ONLINE program.
Thanks to today’s technology, you’ll be able to follow it wherever you are in the World, at your own space.

What you will NOT find in this program:
- painful or manipulative strategies
- tricks and quick fixes
- punishments, time-out, bribes, rewards, time-in, threats, made-up consequences, naughty-chair, etc.

What I’ll offer you instead are recommendations that:
- are efficient and respectful
- foster attachment and long-term connection
- are developmentally adapted to your child’s age
- feel nurturing to both you and your children
- help the child reconnect with his innate willingness to cooperate
- help you feel both empowered and gentle as a parent
- make parenting much easier and more fun!

This program is for you if:
You have a child (or many children) aged between 1 and 4 years old
You want to stop using (or never start using) punishments, time-outs, and other painful behaviour management
You are open to receiving new information (that differs with the “mainstream” ideas on child rearing)
You are willing to work a bit on your Self (your responses, your stress levels, etc.)
You want to have a deep and long-lasting relationship with your children
You want to be honest, respectful and real with yourself and your children
You want to truly enjoy being with your children and parenting them

If you’re ready for this, you’re going to gain SO MUCH out of this program!

The first years of a child’s life are absolutely crucial for his development and will have an impact on the rest of this life.
Offering your child a strong beginning has no price.

I’m thrilled that you’re here and that you’re choosing to raise your children in a way that feels good to both you and them.
You are amazing.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.
See you inside!

With Love,
Manon xx

One-time Payment: AU$277

Payment Plan:  4x AU$75 every 3 weeks

Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$75.00 AUD
Every 3 weeks (x 3)$75.00 AUD
Total $300.00 AUD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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SPECIAL OFFER FOR DADDIES (or Nans or Grandpas!)

I think that Daddies are so very important in the life of children and I wish ALL daddies would do this program with their wife.
When daddies are deeply involved in raising their children and they’re on the same page as their wife, things can shift at a very deep level, bringing great amounts of joy, fun, ease and connection in the family.

I want that for all families and this is why I highly recommend daddies (or grand-parents) to join their wife in this process.

To keep the costs low for the family, I will only charge the second caregiver $79 (instead of $277!)

That includes:
- him/her having their own 1-1 session with me to find out what helps their nervous system slow down so they feel calmer around their children
- have unlimited access to the whole program from their own Facebook account
- have all their questions answered
- receive the support of the group
- the opportunity to be part of the group calls

If you’re a daddy (or grandparent) and want to join, all you need to do is send me a message at so I can give you my bank details.

I have so much respect for you for being willing to do this for your children.

See you in there!

Here is the testimonial of one of the Mamas who has completed my most recent Program.
Her daughter is 2 years old.

Thank you Dear Candace for taking the time to write this. It has been such a pleasure to support you in your parenting journey and to witness the amazing changes you went through

Before the program, I was getting very frustrated and angry at my toddler’s behaviour and never getting any “me-time” which made it worse 😤

I was not really enjoying parenting my daughter, half of the time I felt frustrated, stressed and exhausted. I felt like all day I was constantly saying ‘no! you can’t do that’ and although I was playing with my toddler, I wasn’t enjoying it 🙁

I had a one-on-one session with Manon about some of my toddler's behaviour that I wanted assistance with and the solutions she offered me were so intuitive and creative that by the end of the call, I signed up for her program.
I wanted to connect with my toddler and actually have fun with her! I wanted to enjoy the toddler years, not be constantly stressed by them.

I wanted to have a better understanding of what her behaviour was trying to tell me and better ways of dealing with them holistically. I wanted to help her thrive and create the space so I could have more “me-time” whilst still addressing her needs.

Oh my god, it was actually life-changing 💫
I got so much more than I thought I would. Not only were all my questions answered but the somatic healing was pivotal in me understanding just how much my own stress was causing my daughter’s stress. Learning to relax meant I could be there more for my child without getting triggered and frustrated

I felt SO supported by Manon during the program and all my questions were answered, often through videos, with very helpful information that actually worked!

I absolutely loved the somatic experiencing work as it allowed me to become more attuned to my own tolerance levels and gave me ways to calm down before I explode🎈

I also loved all the videos with games I could play with my daughter 😍

The structure of the program was fantastic.

My child now processes her emotions in front of me most of the time rather than running away which is a huge step because it means that now she’s feeling safe with me. I’m so grateful for that

She is so much more joyous and affectionate as I’m meeting her needs so much more emotionally rather than just physically.

We have so many fun games to play and connect together!

She also goes to bed much more easily as I have learned to place limits in a respectful way.

She also is more emotionally stable and super confident.
She is more independent now because I understand how important it is to give her power in her life with choices.

I don’t sigh and get annoyed as soon as she has a tantrum. I actually now understand what is going on for her and I support her, allowing her to express herself and release her stress or emotion.

I get to play so much more with her now as I have more energy. I don’t feel drained anymore! 💃

I truly connect with her now. I wasn’t aware how distant I was despite still breastfeeding, co-sleeping etc. I still wasn’t truly connecting, I was meeting her physical needs but now I adore her even more and truly enjoy being with her

I feel SO MUCH calmer than before and more relaxed when I’m around her! That was a profound change

I also feel more confident as a mum and much happier as I feel less frustration. I’m also much more loving with my daughter.

Now I enjoy parenting SO much, I feel like the ultimate nurturer and guide I’m here to support my daughter express her emotions and needs and I work with her, not against her.

Parenting feels much easier now.

Doing this work has not only improved my relationship with myself and my daughter, it has also greatly improved my relationship with my fiancé as the challenges with our toddler were causing tension between us.

Oh my god yes! I absolutely loved it and my partner wants to do it too now!
I also want to train in aware parenting and somatic work as well as I got so much value out of it. I want to do more courses with Manon to keep learning as it’s invaluable.

Thank you Manon, you’re incredibly giving, knowledgeable and such an intuitive teacher. I’m blown away by your insight

I’m out of words to express how grateful I am. It’s so incredible how a little shift in perspective can make such a big difference in my child’s behaviour! So thank you for helping us get closer and enjoy our time together, understanding and respecting each other.Marie (from an email exchange)

- Marie (from an email exchange)

Mama Manon, I can’t thank you enough for all the wisdom that you share. You have showed me a new way of seeing my daughter. I don’t always get it right but I’m getting much better and I can see the effect it’s having on her.

- Djalinda (from following my page)

You are amazing Manon. Thank you so much! You speak so beautifully, compassionately and clearly, no matter how much I have read/heard this before, it sinks in deeper hearing it from you.
You are a gift to the world of parenting.

- Elly (from my Facebook page)

I love Mama Manon’s page so much that when I saw her online course was finally available I didn’t hesitate a second to be part of it.
The videos are so easy to follow and the exercises are releasing the stress of the hard days - it helps me since the very first video.
There is so much love and support to share and received during the live video with the other members - it’s feels like a family.
It’s not only for the difficulty we are facing with our little one, it’s an enormous resource of knowledge and understanding about ourselves and the answers to the reactions of our children.
This is Gold !
It’s a present to yourself that I suggest to all the Mamas out there.
Thank you Manon <3 <3 <3

- Audrey (from my first Online Course)

I loved working my way through the Aware Parenting course that Manon offers. I love the presentation, the speed that she works at and the method of delivery. She has a very comforting voice which puts you at ease and the design of the course means you can go at your own pace. The ideas discussed within the course are so intuitive and really resonated with me, it made me really question the mainstream way of parenting.
Manon speaks from the heart and is always willing to offer additional help with detailed and carefully considered suggestions of how you and your child can work through conflicts and emotions.
Her attachment play suggestions are lots of fun that any kid and adult will enjoy. My daughter loves power reversal games especially pillow fights where she will in fact help me up so she can playfully knock me over again!!
Thank you Manon.

- Gemma (after my first online course)

I recently had a one-on-one Skype session with Manon and it has made such a positive effect on our whole family dynamic.
Our communication with our 5yr old son is more heart centred and I feel that he is able to tell us his needs much more easily.
Learning about healing my son from past traumas has also dramatically shifted us all into a happier space and I am so grateful for the knowledge Manon was able to give me to be the best parent I can be.
I highly recommend Manon’s services to anyone wanting to create a more loving, connected relationship with their children.
Thank you Manon.

- Hannah (after a Skype Consultation)

Hi everyone…
I wanted to take this time to thanks Manon for the amazing information on the course. I have seen only a few videos, yet the changes have been incredible! It is amazing how our attitude influence so much our children’s behaviour.
I really feel more relaxed and connected with my girl.
Thank you, thank, you, thank you!!

- Mireya (from my first Online Course)

We loved the course. My partner and I both participated. It was so supportive to be working together and deepening our knowledge and understanding of Aware Parenting, of our daughter and of ourselves!
We have been exploring different ways to connect with our daughter and move through challenging situations. Understanding when and why our daughter may be feeling disconnected, and her reactions to these feelings have allowed us to show the compassion, understanding, and patience needed to handle this. Being present and loving through tears and tantrums!
All this has been possible with the unconditional loving guidance and wisdom of Manon. And a wonderful community of parents in the course!

- Kate (from my first Online Course)

Thank you so much for our session!
I’m amazed how you helped me see situations with my toddler so differently. I now see these challenging situations as an opportunity to have fun or support her in learning. Before I was getting as frustrated as her.
I thought I was connecting with her before, now I am actually am. I can’t wait for your online program!!

- Candace (after a Skype session)