Supporting the Older Sibling With the Arrival of Baby


A 2-part Workshop to support you and the older sibling(s).

This workshop will be given in 2 Live Calls (recorded) of ~1.5 hours:

  • Call 1: Friday the 21st of August from 1pm to 2:30pm AEST time (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Call 2: Friday the 28th of August from 1pm to 2:30pm AEST time (Brisbane, Australia)
It’s better if you can make it to the Live Class, but if you can’t make it live, that’s okay, the classes are recorded and will be sent to you (and available on the FB group too).

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In this Live class:

  • we will put ourselves in our child’s skin, to understand his perspective
  • we’ll talk about how emotions work in the mind-body
  • we’ll see how we can help our child with his big emotions
  • we’ll learn respectful and connecting tools to reduce siblings rivalry
  • we’ll see how we can use play to repair any attachment rupture between you and your older child.
  • we’ll learn about the nervous system and see what children most need to feel safe and relaxed

You will find NO punishment, reward, bribe, threat, time-out or “consequences” in any of my teachings.
All the information I teach is nurturing and respectful of both the children and the parent’s needs. It is based on the latest research in children’s psychology, attachment theories, aware and attachment parenting, somatic experiencing (trauma healing), the polyvagal theory (nervous system health) and attachment play.