Online Course

Interpreting & Handling "Misbehaviour"

(without punishment, time-out or rewards)

Turning struggles into giggles and cuddles...

Is your toddler hitting you or other children?...

...and you're tired of repeating "gentle hands"?


Is your child lashing at you when she’s frustrated?

Pulling you hair or pinching your face?

…and you feel unsure about how to handle this situation?


Is your older child pushing or hurting her little sister?

…and you’d like her to stop doing this and be loving instead?


Is your toddler suddenly hitting you out of nowhere?

…and you’d like to understand why?
And how you can help him stop?


Is your child showing lots of “testing” behaviour?…

…and you feel irritated and find yourself “loosing it”?


Is your little one throwing toys across the room to get your attention or when he’s upset?

…and you’ve tried everything to stop him from doing this?


Do you find yourself yelling at your child when he’s testing boundaries?

Maybe you'd like to be a gentle parent but you use punishments and time-out because you don’t know what else you could do?

Maybe you'd like to play more with your child but you don't know quite how?


Do you find yourself at loss when it comes to handle misbehaviours?

Would you like to help your child cooperate naturally?

Maybe you would like to find alternatives to "time-out" to help your child stop?

Would you like to feel more connected to your child?

Would you like your child to listen to you?

Would you like to know how you can:

  • deal with misbehaviours without any punishments?
  • help your child dealing with conflicts in a positive way?
  • help your child express his emotions without hitting?
  • invite more cooperation from your child?
  • reconnect with your child, feeling a deep sense of love and respect for him?

Thanks to this course you will have tools to:

  • have a deeper understanding of WHY your child is misbehaving (hint: it’s not because he’s a bad kid!)
  • deal with misbehaviours in the moment
  • prevent your child from misbehaving
  • help your child express his emotions in a positive way
  • deal with tantrums and aggression
  • help your child feel happier and less aggressive
  • reconnect with your child if you’ve been yelling or punishing him
  • lots of ideas of games you can play with your child

This course is based on the Aware Parenting approach, created by Aletha Solter, PhD, and especially what she calls "Attachment Play".

This holistic approach considers children as WHOLE human beings, with their characters, their history, their feelings and their environment.

The knowledge and tools I’m sharing with you in this course are not “quick-fixes”.

I believe that most "quick-fixes" recommended by mainstream parenting books and courses are usually painful (physically or emotionally) for the child and tend to damage your relationship with her. Most quick-fixes don’t work for a very long time either...

This course is about UNDERSTANDING your child better and bringing more connection, trust and fun in your relationship with your child so she's naturally willing to cooperate and behave pleasantly.

The methods I’m sharing are compassionate and nurturing.

They are also MUCH MORE EFFICIENT than punishments and quick-fixes because they look at the underlying problems, beneath the misbehaviour.
These methods are efficient both in the moment and in the long-term, and they are NURTURING for your child, for yourself and for your relationship with her/him.

If you're tired of "fighting" against your child and you're wishing to have a more meaningful, flowing and intimate relationship with her, you're going to LOVE this course.

I've enjoyed creating it for you and I can’t wait to share all this precious information with you!

What you'll receive in this course:

  • 4 modules
  • 21 videos in total (5-25mins each)
  • Short guided exercises within the videos
  • Lessons and practical tools you can apply immediately
  • 5 bonuses, including a video of my daughter and I playing together
  • It's a SELF-PACED course: no email sent to you everyday!
  • Private support Facebook group
  • Content available in video, audio and text files