Master Mamas & Papas Program

Hello Lovely Mama or Papa!

I'm so glad that you've my page website and this amazing program.

If you're here it's probably because:

- you're struggling with your child's misbehaviour...?

- you'd like to NOT use punishments but you're not sure what to do when your child is acting unpleasantly...?

- you find yourself "losing it" at your kids: yelling, smacking, etc, and you'd love to have more control over your responses...?

- you want a relationship of mutual understanding and respect with your child...?

- you'd like parenting to feel a little easier and more fun...?


Have look at what I can offer you in the next 10 weeks and see if it resonates with you!


Here is a brief description of the program:

  • connect with your deepest parenting intentions and work on matching your actions with your intentions
  • understanding your children deeper: their behaviour, their emotions, their needs
  • learn how to read your children’s cues and respond to them with awareness rather than reactivity
  • letting go of any fear-based and power-over discipline … and instead, create a love-, trust- and connection-based relationship with your children
  • learning to repair the relationship with your children when damage was caused, and help them heal from past painful interactions
  • transforming your triggers and hurtful reactions … into more embodied responses, based on self-awareness
  • learn about how your nervous system works and how you can access your “regulated self” anytime so you feel more relaxed, confident and grounded around your children


  • it’s a 10-week online program
  • maximum of 7 parents in total, for close individual support
  • in a private Facebook support group

Each week you'll have:

  • 3 videos of content
  • 1 guided practical exercise (on video)
  • 1 written mini-workshop

Every third week you'll have:

  • a 1hr long Skype session with me (3x 1-on-1 sessions in total) for individualized support

Once a month we'll have:

  • a group call (on Skype or Zoom, 2 calls in total)


- all your questions answered,

- emotional support,

- the benefits of being in a group of like-minded parents who are working on the same things you are,

- and this feeling of being part of an awesome little community of parents willing to grow and become the best version of themselves.


PS: I love supporting BOTH PARENTS at the same time and see the whole family dynamic evolve...

So if your spouse chooses to do this program with you, she/he will only pay $333AUD.

To secure your spouse's spot, please send me an email at


If you have any questions, send me an email at: or on Facebook: MamaManonAwP

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

Master Mamas & Papas Program

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Every 3 weeks (x 3)$197.00 AUD
Total $788.00 AUD
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