Mamas Together

“This group and the weekly topics have transformed how I think about stress, healing, my body and how to support myself and my family. These new skills are helping to create a better emotional culture in my home and to connect more deeply with my children and my partner. It’s been enlightening, relieving, and refreshing. Big topics but simple effective things to try. I know I can thrive with two young children, not just survive now!”

Lucy, New Zealand

Maybe you’re following my work and would love to get more of it?
Maybe you’re feeling stressed or anxious or frustrated and would like some self-regulating tools?
Maybe you’d like to help your child(ren) regulate better?
Maybe you’d like some support with parenting in general?
Maybe you’d simply like to be amongst like-minded Mamas? 

This group was started during the difficult time of the Corona Virus and it’s been incredibly supportive to the Mamas invested in it. So we’ve decided to keep going with it!

In this group, you’ll find:
– information about the nervous system and how it relates to parenting
– tools to self-regulate and stay calm and connected
– tools to co-regulate with your children, to help them slow down
– games to enhance attachment and support trauma healing
– the struggles, experiences and success stories of Mamas like you
– music, activities and recipes too, that we all like to share in the group

This group consists of:
+ a Facebook Group where you can reach out for help and for emotional support
+ weekly LIVE calls to get together and learn effective regulation tools, information on healthy boundaries, trauma healing, attachment play, respectful parenting
+ weekly information based on my knowledge in Aware Parenting, Attachment Play, Somatic Experiencing (which is a mind-body healing modality for trauma and stress-related ailments) and The Polyvagal Theory (nervous system health).


How will the weekly calls happen:
– we’ll meet on Zoom (I’ll send you a step-by-step process to join, you’ll see it’s very easy to use)
– I’ll offer a different day and time each week, so wherever you are in the World, you’ll be able to join the group
– if you can’t make it to the live calls, you’ll be able to watch the replay in your own time.

What will happen during the weekly calls:

– I’ll be using my camera and you’re welcome to use yours or not (no pressure, no judgment)
– you’ll be welcome to talk and ask questions or to just observe and listen (or type in the chat box)
– there will be times of “open circle” for connection, conversations and questions
– and other times where I’ll be providing you with information or offering exercises
– lots of compassion, and well-regulated energy from me
international speakers to share their passion (regulation through movement, children’s books, stress relief exercises, etc.)


In the Facebook group, you’ll be able to:
– ask questions and get responses that are trauma-informed and respectful of you and your children’s needs
– reach out to share your feelings and feel heard and supported by the group
– share what is working for you and benefit from other mamas’ experiences
be inspired by what others are doing (activities with kids, meals, routines, games, etc.)
– receive nurturing, encouraging and empowering messages from myself and the team

Parenting is easier when we’re well surrounded.
You don’t need to do this alone.
We’re all in this together.

Membership price:
Join $31/month (it’s $7/week, less than 2 coffees).

You can stop your subscription anytime from your PayPal account, no questions asked, no pressure.