Tantrums Are Awesome!

Discover and embrace
the Hidden Magic of your child’s
crying and raging

I will always remember the day that my daughter had her first tantrum, when she was about 11 months old.
My sweet little baby….
She threw herself on the ground, screaming at the top of her lungs!

I thought "Oh. My. God. How do I deal with that!?"
Part of me felt terrified.
Another part of me felt so very powerless.
And yet another part wondered “what have I done wrong?"

And I am so glad that soon after that, I’ve discovered Aware Parenting (by Aletha Solter, PhD) and all the amazing and untold information I’m sharing with you in this booklet!

Thanks to this information, I came to understand:

  • What is going on for my daughter when she's having a tantrum
  • What I can do for her when she’s crying and raging
  • How I can build a respectful, loving and long-lasting relationship with her and her feelings
  • How I can help her build emotional resilience

This information brought me so much relief…
And I can not wait to share it with you in this practical booklet!

Now I’m capable (most of the time!) to embrace her tantrums with calm and confidence.
I can even say that I LOVE her tantrums.
Because, yes, tantrums are awesome!
And no, I’m not crazy, hehe, you’ll come to understand why I love my daughter’s tantrums.

And why most of the parents I’ve supported so far, have learned to love their child’s tantrums too!

I can’t believe that all this knowledge is not told to every. single. parent. on the planet!!
Knowing all the things that I’m sharing with you here makes parenting SO MUCH easier and MUCH LESS stressful!!

I want every parent to know about the Magic hidden behind Tantrums.
And it’s not just a “hippyish" idea, it’s all scientifically proven.

So if you want to:

  • feel comfortable with ALL your child’s feelings (joy and happiness but also sadness, rage and frustration)
  • feel confident about how to handle her outbursts in a way that nurtures your relationship with her
  • build a long-lasting relationship with your child, where she knows that she can share all her feelings with you safely.

PLUS understand:

  • how to avoid tantrums in public,
  • why is your child demanding or whining all day
  • tantrums and cries at bedtime
  • and more!

This booklet is for you!

Tantrums ARE awesome.
Let me tell you why!

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