1-on-1 Consultations

Hi lovely Mama or Papa!
I’m so glad that you’ve made it here.
It would be an honor for me to connect with you personally through a 1-1 consultation.
Whether you need help with parenting around:
- sleep issues,
- tantrums,
- finding balance in breastfeeding your “boobie-obsessed” toddler
- gentle night/day weaning
- unpleasant behaviour, pushing limits, hitting, kicking, throwing, etc.
- siblings rivalry
- kids not listening
- helping your child with his fears and limitations
Or with:
- your own emotional state
- your anxiety or depression
- your uncomfortable tendency to be always in fight or flight or freeze
- your difficulties to set respectful and efficient limits
- your reactions when you’re triggered
- practicing discipline without punishment and rewards
- connecting with your child at a deeper level
- becoming more playful
I specialise in supporting parents like you who want to raise their children with awareness and respect and without any punishment (including time-out), rewards or bribes.
As a Certified Aware Parenting Instructor and a Somatic Experiencing student, I’m combining all my skills during sessions, offering you a very unique kind of support.
In a consultation, I’ll provide you with the information I judge you might need in this moment, which can be related to
 - attachment dynamics
 - how emotions work
 - the power of attachment play
 - healing from stressful events
 - and more
This information could be all you need to resolve the problems you’re coming to see me for. But in my experience, sometimes, information is not enough.
And this is when I bring on my Somatic Experiencing skills to:
 - help your nervous system heal from past stressful or traumatic events
 - give you tools to manage your daily stress better
 - help you heal your triggers and transform your responses to your kids
 - help you regain the capacity to set clear and respectful boundaries
 - help you reconnect with yourself and your child
 - empower you and boost your confidence as a person and a parent
Somatic Experiencing is a very gentle, yet powerful healing modality that includes both the mind/brain and the body/nervous system, for deeper and long-lasting healing and transformations.
If you have any question about my 1-1 work, feel free to book a 15min chat with me!
I offer both Skype (all around the world) and face-to-face consultations (on the Gold Coast of Australia).
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A 1-on-1 consultation consists of:
- You filling up a pre-consultation questionnaire so I have the background information I need to be efficient during our time together
- One hour together on the phone or Skype
- Follow up via email a week later
For a deeper work and long-lasting healing, I invite you to book a 3 or 5 sessions pack. Payments plans are available.
If you’re not sure how many sessions you’ll need to resolve your struggles, I invite you to book a FREE 15min session (here below) for us to talk about it.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
-> 1 x 1h consultation: $87AUD (around $62USD)
-> 3 x 1h consultations: $239AUD (around $170USD)
-> 5 x 1h consultations: $357AUD (around $255USD)
Payment via PayPal or Credit Card (through the PayPal button).
If you have any question, please send me an email here: support@mamamanon.com, or book a free 15min session here below.
I’m looking forward to meeting you and to supporting you in your parenting and self-growth journey.
With Love,
Manon xxx


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