Mamas Group SUCCESS.

 While having a second or third child is a beautiful event, it can also be a difficult transition for the older child(ren) and everyone else involved.

I’m sending you lots of love and compassion if you’re feeling helpless as you’re witnessing your (usually sweet and loving) child struggling.

I wonder if your older child:
– has become really difficult to be around?
– is refusing to cooperate and often does the opposite of what you’ve just asked?
– is aggressive towards his little brother or sister?
– has huge tantrums about little things?
– is not sleeping well anymore?
– is pretending to be a baby all day long?
– is refusing to use the toilet or regressing?
– is asking for mummy all day and refuses daddy to help?

This is quite common for many kids who are newly big brothers and sisters, you’re not alone.
I have received hundreds of emails from mothers going through this.
It can happen very soon after baby was born or it can take many months (or even years!).

Let me reassure you, your child hasn’t turned into a “bad kid”, he’s simply needing some loving support to manage this big change in his life.

In this Live class we will:
– put ourselves in our child’s skin, to understand his perspective
– talk about how emotions work in the body and brain
– see how we can help our child with his big emotions
– learn respectful and connecting tools to prevent unpleasant behaviour
– see how we can use play to repair any attachment rupture between you and your older child.

You will find NO:
– punishments
– rewards
– bribes,
– threats
– time-outs or
– “consequences” in any of my teachings.

All the information I teach is nurturing and respectful of both the children and the parent’s needs.
It is based on the latest research in children’s psychology, attachment theories, Somatic Experiencing (trauma healing), the polyvagal theory (nervous system health) and attachment play.


Date: Saturday, the 21th of March 2020
Time: 9am Sydney (Australia) Time.

This class will be taught LIVE on Zoom, you’ll be able to interact with me and ask your questions.
I recommend that you come to the Live Class on the day to make the most out of it, but if you can’t make it, I’ll send you the replay, no pressure.
Your spouse will be able to attend this class with you or watch the replay for free, so you can both be on the same page.


The class will be 2 hours long:
1.5hrs of class + 30min of Q&A

If you’re at the end of your rope and need some support right now, don’t wait!
This class is there for you now

If your child has just started to struggle and behave unpleasantly, I recommend that you don’t wait for things to get worse.

I’ve made it super affordable so it’s a no-brainer.

This information and those tools have already changed the lives of thousands of families around the World.
You and your children deserve to have them too.



Never used Zoom? Don’t panic, it’s very easy to download and to use.
You’ll receive step by step instructions once you sign up for the class.